Muscle building over 40


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Muscle building is extremely important. You will find that just because you are getting older does not mean that you are not able to get in shape or stay in shape. There are a few things that you will want to look at however, before you start a new routine to help ensure that you stay safe and know the proper techniques needed.

How Muscle Building help as you age

Building muscle over 40The first thing that is required to start getting the feeling of training with weights. You will then want to make sure that you are taking in the needed nutrients in order to ensure that you recover and are able to build muscles that are stronger and bigger. The only real difference between muscle building over 40 and before 40 is that you need to account for your hormonal and metabolic changes that occur when you age. You will be able to gain new muscle and also be able to prevent the different side effects that come from when you limit your goals for fitness for life.

You will first want to make sure that you are training with weights 3-5 days each week for an hour or less. When you are over 40 it is important to put an emphasis on training sessions that are brief because the cortisol stress hormone can cancel out the positive effects that you get with training by actually causing your muscle growth to be inhibited. You will want to find one program stick with it for around four or more weeks and then you should take the next month and work on a new routine.

You also need to make sure that you properly warm-up to help with the prevention of injuries. You should walk for 5-10 minutes to get the blood flow increased to your muscles. You will also want to perform a warm-up set for your exercises with weight training. These should be controlled and slow repetitions that help pump blood into the muscles you are training. You should use lighter weights on your warm-ups as help prepare your body for the heavier weights to come.

Another important thing to remember is that you need to do cardiovascular(cardio) right after you have finished building muscle. This should be a 30 minute session that involves riding an exercise bike or walking on the treadmill. This will help you to burn fat nearly exclusively. Remember that you want to only do low-intensity cardio however, because it will help to preserve the muscle tissue. Higher intensity cardio will burn this tissue for energy.

You want to strive to eat six small meals each day when you are muscle building.. You will want to eat low-fat proteins, lean meat, carbohydrates that are low-glycemic, and foods that contain healthy fats. Your insulin levels will stay lower when you are eating meals more frequently which will prevent your body from storing excess fat, as well as help to prevent spikes with cortisol, which will then burn away muscle instead of build it.

Benefits of Muscle Building Over 40

building muscleThere are a number of benefits that you will notice when you start muscle building over the age of 40. The first is that you will have more wisdom and patience. When someone that is young starts muscle building they end up giving up a lot of times because they cannot handle the fact that the process is one that is very gradual. You have a much better chance of actually following through as you age and learn more about patience. You will also find that one that starts muscle building  when they are in their 20’s will start to have aches in their joints by the time they are in their 40’s and by the time they are in their 60’s it could be even worse, with a lot of life still ahead of them. When you get a later start you don’t have the same aches and pains that someone who started 20 years before you would have.

You will also find that getting healthier will give you a number of benefits as well. As you start to lose some of the fat and gain muscle you will find that you will feel better also. People who have a normal workout routine tend to have less stress and be able to sleep better as well. The number of benefits that you can get from muscle building at this age is amazing. You will find that the cardio workouts will also help to improve on the health of your heart which at this age is becoming increasing more important.

Examples of Muscle Building Exercises

Hammer Curl- You will need to hold the dumbbells so that they are facing the outer side of your thighs. You should exhale and then bend your elbows, raise the dumbbells until they are nearly to your shoulders. Inhale and then lower them slowly.

Preacher Curl- For this exercise you would rest the back side of your arm on a pad for support while you hold the dumbbell, face your palm up. You should raise the dumbbell slowly, and then lower it until you reach the starting position. If you are preforming this exercise and something should not feel right you would want to talk to a fitness professional before preforming any more. Some exercises are not recommended for everyone.

Don’t forget bench presses and chin ups, along with other traditional methods of muscle building that you are likely to already know about. Many of the methods you have used before or seen others use are great for building muscle at age 40 as well.

It is important that you keep all this in mind as you work to build your muscle and become healthier. Remember that building muscle is great but eating is extremely important as well. You need to eat healthy and make sure that you are taking in enough protein before and after your exercise routines. Protein helps you to build muscle and when you take it after your workout it helps to repair the muscle, if you don’t eat it you might actually find that you have lost a bit of muscle mass and not accomplished your goal.

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